Why Choose Us.

  • We Know The Laws
  • Peace Of Mind
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  • Innovative Technology

When we opened Pure Green, our dispensary in Portland, we hired D&L Security to advise us on security matters and to install our security system. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the results! We got a premium system for an extremely affordable price, including cameras, alarms and all of the bells and whistles.
But we got more than just a security system. We got first rate service as well. Dru and Brian sell compliant security systems, This means that not only will they keep your dispensary or grow site safe, but they will also assure that your security system satisfies all relevant laws, rules and regulations. When we first started working together, the Final Rules for Security weren’t even in place. The state made at least three major revisions while we were working together. Dru and Brian were on top of the rule changes and adjusted the plan each time to meet the new requirements.
I have worked with a variety of companies in all sectors of the medical marijuana industry. Few have shown even a fraction of the professionalism and competency exhibited by D & L Security. I would strongly recommend that anyone opening a canna business work with D&L for any and all security needs.
Matt Walstatter, Pure Green